Why has my vision gotten worse since my last visit?

Why has my vision gotten worse since my last visit?

Patients are often mortified when they learn that their eye sight has gotten worse since their last visit. Why? How could this happen?

In order the answer this question, first we need to find 4 general categories:

1. Myopia aka Near-Sighted
As the name had suggested, myopia is when near is clear but far is blurry. This is when the eye ball is a bit longer. The light focuses in front of the retina. The cause is unknown. However, if there is a family history of myopia then the chance of becoming myopic is more likely. Clinical studies have shown people who spend lengthy time on the computer, read a lot, playing hand held video are more likely to be night-sighted. Thus far the treatment for myopia is glasses, contact lenses, or laser correction. How do one slow down the progression of myopia? Less reading, less time on the computer, and take frequent breaks while on the computer or reading can help to slow the progression of it.

2. Hyperopia aka Far-Sighted
This is when things close up take some time to focus or cannot focus at all. This is when the eye-ball is a bit shorter than normal. If farsighted is up to a certain level then the distant vision will be blurry too. Family history plays a predominant role. When we are young (little child) it is common to see hyperopia because the eye ball are still small and are at the growing stages. As we get older hyperopia often progresses because our ability to accommodate diminishes. The treatment for hyperopia is glasses, contact lenses, or laser correction.

3. Presbyopia
The magic number for this to occur is around age 40. This is when the focusing muscles inside our eyes lose their elasticity after many years of usage. As a result near objectives which require greater focusing skills are difficult to see and make out. As years go by the muscles get less elastic and the vision gets more. People often misperceived that it is by wearing glasses that cause the eyesight to deteriorate which is not the case here. All people will experience this phenomenon. The only variation is one's sensitivity and timing.

4. Astigmatism
A big word you hear often from the eye doctor's place. This condition is not a disease but rather the shape of the eye is different. Imagine your eyeball is a spherical round ball, astigmatism is when your eyeball shaped oval like a football. Thus when light strikes into the back of the eye it can either in front or back of the retina. This will cause shadow when one sees things and often time one has to squint or strain to see things clear. Constant squinting or straining can cause fatigue and headaches so proper treatment is required. The treatment is glasses, contact lenses, or laser correction.

Thus far there are good remedies for these conditions of the eyes. Some people claimed by taking vitamins such as vitamin A, lutein, and anti-oxidants help the deterioration of these conditions. Spending less time on the computer, video games, and taking frequent break in between these activities seem to help to slow the progression of these conditions. Please consult your doctor about it.

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