What is the difference between different brands of contact lenses?

Like clothing, it is more important to choose clothes because they fit, than because they are a certain brand, although fashion designers may disagree! There are many different brands of contact lenses to choose from. It is important that you take your time, and try several different brands for comparison, and then choose the brand that offers a really good fit for you personally. Choose a lens which provides a good fit, provides good vision and is comfortable to the eye. There is a lot of advanced technology in contact lenses. Some brands offer more breathability and wettability, some offer distance and reading combinations within one contact lens. Astigmatism can now be easily corrected as well with Toric lenses. The doctor will evaluate your eyes and your living environment to recommend the best possible contact lenses for you. You can also ask your eye doctor about the latest developments in the contact lens industry. Make sure your doctor is offering the latest technology to you.

Hard or Soft Contact Lenses?

With so many options, if is difficult to know what to choose. First you need to decide whether you want the advantages of hard contact lenses or the ultra-comfortable soft lenses. Daily wear soft lenses are currently the most popular choice. Made of a soft polymer-plastic material combined with a percentage of water, this design allows oxygen to pass through the contact lens material and increases comfort. Many soft contact lenses also provide UV protection. While most people choose soft contact lenses because of their benefits, there are also some disadvantages. Soft contact lenses easily absorb pollutants like lotion or soap from your hands, which can irritate your eyes. Soft contact lenses are also more fragile than hard contact lenses and can rip or tear easily. The advantage of hard lenses is that, being semi-rigid, they do offer crystal clear vision and they are more durable, lasting up to one year.

What is the difference between different brands of contact lenses?

Daily Disposable or Extended Wear?

Choosing daily disposable soft lenses means that every day you have a fresh pair of contact lenses with less chance of infection, less cleaning, and more comfort. These are especially good for people whose eyes naturally produce more protein that clouds contact lenses. If you are an allergy sufferer, these are the best contact lenses for you. Another new innovation are the extended wear lenses. If removing the lenses is a problem, these lenses can be worn for a whole month at a time. These soft contact lenses are made with a new silicone hydrogel material that can be worn for up to 30 nights and days. The new silicone material also prevents deposit build up and reduces dry eye irritation.

Clear, Tinted or Colored?
Even contact lenses can make their own fashion statement. Soft contact lenses are available in a range of colors. You can have baby blue eyes for work and amber eyes at the weekend. With daily disposable lenses you get to wear them once then throw them away. There are other practical reasons for choosing these contact lenses too. There are four types of colored contact lenses, each offering a slightly different benefit:

Visibility tint
• These colored contact lenses are lightly tinted so you can find your lens if you drop it. These visibility tints do not affect the color of your eyes.

Enhancement tint
• These colored contact lenses have a translucent tint that will enhance your natural eye color. Enhancement tints are slightly darker than a visibility tint.

Color tint
• These are darker, opaque tints that change the color of your eyes. Color tints come in a wide array of specialty colors, including amethyst, violet, and green. You will see plenty of these on the TV and at the cinema as they are very popular with actors and film stars!

Light-filtering tint
• These colored contact lenses are designed for athletes and sports fans. They enhance certain colors and mute other colors. For instance, contact lenses for tennis players would enhance optic yellow, the color of tennis balls. Remember, colored contact lenses are a medical device just like clear contact lenses. Never share colored contacts lenses with anyone. Clean and care for them just as you would any prescription contact lens.

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I still have not found the

I still have not found the "perfect" brand of contact lenses. I have tried Dailies and Bausch & Lomb. They both have their positives and negatives. Anyone know a great brand??


First time on this site and I stumbled across your comment :)

Acuvue is the best.
I've been using it for almost 6-7 years now.
Never gave me problems :)
I also heard that Acuvue was the very first company to manufacture soft lenses... (I'm not 100% sure)

However, I would STRONGLY advise you not to use soft-lenses.
After years of wearing them, my eyes have finally gave in.
My cornea got swollen and the blood vessels around my eyes started to grow towards my cornea.
The latter is REALLY dangerous, because if it gets worse, I will not be able to have an eye surgery and at its worst, I may become blind.
Soft-lenses are very unhealthy for your eyes, because it blocks too much oxygen from entering your cornea.
Hard-lenses, on the other hand, allow MUCH MORE oxygen than the soft ones.
I heard they allowed 50 times MORE.
However, they "may" be more uncomfortable to wear than soft-lenses.

Soft-lens wearers only end up wearing them for 10~15 years maximum because of these health issues.
I guess it was my time :(
I can no longer wear soft-lenses, so I'll be resorting to hard-lenses!!

I hope I helped you out!!
If you need to, then just wear them every once in awhile!!

Wow that sounds painful!

Wow that sounds painful! Which Acuvue hard lenses are you using? Thanks for the information. Are you wearing dailies? monthly? I wonder if that's why the soft-lenses are popping out because my eyes can't handle them anymore....

I don't think Acuvue makes

I don't think Acuvue makes hard lenses....
I haven't gotten mine yet, but I will be trying out different hard lenses at the eye doctor next week.

When I wore the soft lenses, I usually wore the dailies.
BUT .... I used to wear them for more than one day... sometimes even a week or 2......
Don't do that ... that was probably one of the primary reasons why my eyes became like this :(

Ouch... your lenses are popping out...?
it could be because your cornea is swollen from the lack of oxygen due to the usage of soft lenses...
how old are you??

Soft lenses let in much more Oxygen.

I think you made a major error, being that in this article and in others on this site, it clearly states just the opposite. This is a qoute from this article, "First you need to decide whether you want the advantages of hard contact lenses or the ultra-comfortable soft lenses. Daily wear soft lenses are currently the most popular choice. Made of a soft polymer-plastic material combined with a percentage of water, this design allows oxygen to pass through the contact lens material and increases comfort." Furthermore, hard contact lenses were always known as uncomfortble since they didn't allow oxygen, which subsequently required more blinking for the eye to be properly lubricated and aerated for the proper oxygenation of tears.
I think this matter requires clarification with your doctor.

"Hard" and "Soft" Lenses

Original "hard" contact lenses made of HPPA did not allow oxygen transfer, so the "soft" lenses of the 70s were an improvement. However, since then, what people think of as "hard" lenses are rigid gas permeable lenses which do have a higher degree of permeability than many the "soft" lenses on the market even today. The level of oxygen permeability will vary considerably between different materials used in soft contact lenses, with some newer silicone hydrogel lenses are comparable in oxygen transfer to rigid gas permeable lenses. The longer you wear your contacts without removing them, the more important it is for your eye health that you have a more breathable lens.

Soft lenses

I have been wearing lenses for 30 years - Soft lenses (focus brand) for last 20 years with no problems whatsoever.

Your information

is false. The problems you described with soft contact lenses only occur if you do not take proper care of your lenses; like cleaning them daily and removing them before you sleep. Soft, hydrogel lenses are gas permeable, not hard lenses; which means soft lenses allow oxygen to the eye. You got the two switched up. I still don't know where you got the 50 times bit from.

It is not false.

It is not true complications only arise from "improper care" of lenses. Blood vessel formation as well as other eye problems are a known risk factor in using soft contact lenses for extended wear. The permeability varies greatly between materials and it is not enough that the lens allow some oxygen to the eye, it is of the utmost importance especially for extended wear that the material have a high percentage of oxygen transfer.


I try to go to a reputable source when I am looking for information, especially medical information. Below is a link (because of spam filters, it isn't a real link) to the FDA site that describes and compares the different types of lenses (not brands, but soft versus hard, etc). I think the answer is to work with your doctor and think about how you will use contacts to find the best type of lens for your lifestyle and then ask your opt doc about which brand he recommends given the unique shape of your eye. Hope that helps!

[FDA (dot) gov/ medicaldevices/ productsandmedicalprocedures/ homehealthandconsumer/ consumerproducts/ contactlenses/ ucm062319 (dot)htm]

you should really become

you should really become educated before making ignorant posts such as this.

I don't have a favorite brand

I don't have a favorite brand of contact lenses. I have yet to find a brand I want to stick with. However, I am interested in trying Air Optix for night and day wear. Has anyone tried them?

Air Optix

I wear the Air Optix Night and Day brand. I love them! First time i had them in and went outside, my eyes felt air(not bothersome like) it was just so much different than the previous brand which i can't even remember now. I didn't even wear them at night for the first year and now i do wear them for four nights out of work week. I like to get up and go in the work mornings. Then on fridays i take them in and out to give my eyes a "rest". Ii love these!

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