Funny Eye Test - Can you read this?

Funny Eye Test for Near

Hold this paper at your normal reading distance
If you have problem reading, please see your eye doctor.


What's the point
This size of print is insane. You will probably only find these type of print at the doctor's office, some legal contract, or some medicine bottle about the side effects because they really don't want you to read it and they want to make you think that you have some problem. Don't feel bad if you can't read this paragraph because we can't read it either as we are making this up.

Point of Caution
Now it is making more sense. I can see people use this size font because we need to be environmentally conscious about conserving and we need to do what we can to safe the earth. In a way I think internet is a great development for the human race. We now use e-mails instead of letters and phone calls. We get information on the web rather than driving to library to do research, and we buy things online too.

Observation Point
This paragraph should be fairly easy for most readers to read. If you are having trouble reading this paragraph or you need to hold your arms way out to clear the letters, please make an appointment to see your eye doctor. You may have trouble focusing and required some form of correction for near work. Another alternative is to see if you can extend your arm by some form of surgery, although that may be more costly.

Anxiety Point
Do not hold this card in the dark and think that you have trouble reading. Our vision is better during a well-lit condition than in the dark. This is about the normal font size we see in most documents and on computer so I would feel very sorry for you if you have trouble seeing this paragraph.

Trouble Point
Hey what about the drug store glasses? Does that help? The answer is it does help in certain conditions but not most of the time. First the glasses is made in equal power on both eyes, and lots of time it is not the case for most people, The glasses has a preset optical center, where everyone has different distances between the two eyes. Some people report tiredness after using these glasses.

Point of No Return
Get Help!! Having someone reading this message to you is a very bad sign. You need an eye care professional to help you if you still can't see this message.

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