Latest Technology in Contact Lenses

Latest Technology in Contact Lenses

Oxygen, Moisture, and Solution – A three-piece puzzle.
Many different brands of contact lenses exist on market today – selecting the best one can be a challenge. To receive the best vision care, there are three pieces to this puzzle of which brand and type to select: first, oxygen; second, moisture; and last, solution.

Many eye diseases can develop due to poor oxygen flow from contact lens obstruction to the cornea. However, new contact lens technology has dramatically improved oxygen flow. The latest breakthrough contacts are composed of silicon hydrogels. The advantage of silicon hydrogels is that it offers 10X or more oxygen pass through the lens and onto the cornea. The current leading brands using silicon hydrogels are: Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Advance, Ciba Focus Night and Day, O2 Optix, Pure Vision, and Biofinity. Please consult your doctor for which is better suited for your eyes. In any case, please remember not to sleep while wearing contact lenses because of potential infection.

A major issue with contact lenses is potential dryness of the eye. Dryness is actually the number one cause for people stop wearing contact lenses. Symptoms such as blurry vision, redness, and/or a burning sensation can be attributed to dry eyes. People who spend lengthy time on the computer or commute can experience even more dryness. The leading contact lens companies have created new formulas for contact lens composition to alleviate/eliminate the problem of dryness. Some of the current contact lenses are so comfortable that many people claim they can go through the day without feeling anything in the eyes. Consult your doctor for what is best for you.

The generalization that all contact lens solutions more or less are the same is no longer a safe bet. In 2006, a study compared most leading solutions on the market regarding corneal staining. Solutions are made of different chemicals and preservatives, and they go onto the eyes along with the contact lenses. These chemicals cause corneal staining, commonly resulting in potential dryness and irritation. Since different companies use different chemicals, some solutions cause more staining than others. The solution that gives the least staining will provide the most comfort, and this most often depends on the individual’s reaction. Again, please consult your doctor to recommend the best solution and contact lens that will deliver oxygen flow and moisture.

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