What are the best contacts for an athlete that sweats a lot?

What are the best contacts for an athlete that sweats a lot?When playing sports sweat is inevitable. When you’re working hard you sweat and if you’re playing team sports you might even come in contact with someone else’s sweat. If you need vision correction and you love sports, contacts can be a great choice. Here are some tips for choosing the right contacts for athletes that sweat a lot.

Contacts and Sweat
Many years ago a poll was conducted that found that people prefer working out in contacts rather than glasses. Contact lenses can help a person to see better and therefore perform better athletically as well. Contacts provide better vision overall, especially where peripheral vision is concerned and they don’t fog up like glasses do. If you wear contacts, you can still wear them when working out, even if you sweat a lot.

The type of contact lens you choose is important, especially if you plan on wearing them during athletic events. Hard contacts are more likely to be knocked out of the eye during sports. Soft contacts however work well, even if you’re sweaty. Talk with your doctor about what type of contact lenses will work well with the sports you enjoy; odds are your doctor will recommend you use soft contact lenses.

Many eye care professionals find that their patients perform better at sports when wearing contacts. They often recommend specific types of contacts to help each patient excel at their favorite sport.

The Best Contacts for Athletes
While many different types of soft contact lenses can work well for athletes, there are some important considerations to remember. Contact lenses that stay moist can be a big help. Athletes need to focus all of their attention when they are competing and dry contacts can be very distracting. Daily contact lenses are another good choice. Since these lenses are replaced often they don’t develop protein buildup like some other lenses. This can result in better, more consistent vision. Daily use contacts are also convenient for athletes that are on the road or traveling since they don’t need to remember lens solution or a contact case.

Some athletes even experiment with tinted contact lenses. Some believe that tinted lenses can improve contrast and help improve specific vision skills needed in sports like baseball. While some professional athletes use these tinted lenses, many doctors believe that the lenses don’t improve results enough and some studies have even found tinted lenses to reduce visual ability.
Professional athletes looking to wear contact lenses might benefit from finding an eye care doctor that specializes in sports vision.

Contacts Aren’t for Every Sport
Contacts are the best choice for improving vision in many sports, but there are times when contacts aren’t an appropriate choice. Most eye care professionals recommend not using contacts while swimming. Some believe contacts can be worn in the pool as long as heavy duty goggles are used. Contacts are also a poor choice when skiing since the cold air and wind can dry out lenses.

Contact Care for Athletes
Athletes, just like any other contact lens wearer, need to pay special attention to keeping their contact lenses clean. It is important to avoid touching contact lenses while playing sports. Although lenses rarely fall out, they must be carefully cleaned before reinsertion should a lens fall out. It is also important to carefully clean hands before inserting or removing contacts.

Protecting Your Eye
Contacts are an appropriate choice for many sports, but in some instances you’ll still need to wear protective eye wear. Your eye doctor can help you determine if eye protection is needed.

Soft contact lenses are the best choice for athletes that sweat a lot. Your eye doctor can help you find the best contact lenses for your favorite sport. In many cases wearing contacts will provide better vision improvement than wearing glasses.

Are you an athlete? What contact lenses do you use? Let us know in the comments!


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