What is the Best Way to Clean Eyeglasses?

What is the Best Way to Clean Eyeglasses?Dirty eyeglasses are no fun and can interfere with your ability to see clearly. If you wear eyeglasses make sure that you clean them properly and often to maximize their benefits. Clean glasses will work better and last longer. Regular cleaning can reduce the number of scratches your glasses receive. Here are some tips for cleaning your glasses.

Do I Need Special Cleaners?

There are many specialized products available for cleaning eyeglasses, everything from microfiber cloths to cleaning solutions and more. These products might be convenient and some people enjoy using them, but they are rarely required for keeping your glasses clean. A gentle soap, water and a lint free cloth can work wonders on a pair of dirty eyeglasses. You shouldn’t need to invest in any special products to keep your glasses clean.

While special cleaners aren’t needed, you will want to avoid using your clothing to clean your glasses. Although many people use their shirts to wipe their glasses, this practice can result in scratches and permanent damage to your spectacles. Dirt particles build up in your clothing and when you use your shirt to clean your glasses, these dust particles can cause scratches. Instead of using clothing, use a clean, soft cloth instead. You should also avoid using paper products like paper towels or facial tissues.

Special cleaners aren’t required and some may actually cause damage to your glasses. Many modern lenses are coated with a protective or antiglare coating which can be damaged by some cleaners. Avoid using harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach. Even window cleaner shouldn’t be used on eyeglasses since it can damage the protective coating. Soap and plain water are the most effective solution and won’t damage your lenses.

Use Plain Soap and Water

Rather than using expensive and unnecessary cleaning products, use soap and plain water to clean your eyeglasses. To reduce the amount of buildup on your lenses you should clean your glasses deeply at least once a day and touch up throughout the day as needed. Use a gentle soap; dish soap works great.

Some experts recommend using vinegar to clean your eyeglasses lenses, while others recommend against the practice.

Limit Exposure to Buildup

Frequent cleaning will remove any buildup from your glasses, but it is easier to avoid buildup than to remove it. Some common causes of buildup include hairsprays, makeups and perfumes. Natural oils from your hands, hair and face can also contribute to buildup on your glasses.

Avoiding Scratches
While dirt and buildup are easily removed, one thing you can’t clean off of glasses is a scratch. For this reason it is important to avoid scratching your lenses whenever possible. Glass lenses are less prone to scratches, but plastic lenses are much more common and break less easily. Plastic lenses are also popular because they are much lighter and thinner especially with higher prescriptions.

Find out what type of lenses your eyeglasses have and take the proper precautions to care for them.

Unique Options for Cleaning Your Glasses

Keeping glasses clean and finding appropriate cloths to clean them with is a common problem for many people that wear glasses. Some companies have even created shirts that can be used to clean glasses. For example this shirt features strips of microfiber cloth that can be used to wipe glasses when needed. Dust and dirt scratches might still be a problem though.

Cleaning Your Eyeglasses

If you’re looking for the best way to clean your eyeglasses, look no further than your kitchen sink. Simply use some warm water and dish soap to clean your glasses. Focus on areas that are in contact with your skin, like the nose piece and ear pieces, since these will be some of the dirtiest areas on your glasses. Once they are clean dry them well using a soft, lint free cloth. To avoid damaging your glasses avoid using spit, paper towels and harsh cleansers.

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