Eye Doctor Reviewed Answers to Your Eye Care Questions

Eye Doctor Reviewed Answers to Common Eye Care Questions

Chances are you have asked or would like to ask your Optometrist (Eye Doctor) one of these questions. We worked with multiple Eye Doctors to put together the top questions asked on a daily basis. Each answer has been reviewed by an Optometrist. Click on any of the questions below to see the answer.

  1. What is 20/20? What is 20/40?
  2. What can I do to prevent my eye sight from getting worse?
  3. Is it bad to read in the car?
  4. What is the difference between Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, and Optician?
  5. What is the danger of not taking off my contact lenses? (I like to sleep in with them)
  6. How do I insert and remove contact lenses the correct way?
  7. Will too much time on the iPhone, iPad, tablet or computer ruin my child’s eyes?
  8. Why do I need my eye dilated?
  9. What happens after LASIK surgery?
  10. How long does LASIK surgery take?
  11. How can I stop my eye twitching?
  12. What is the difference between soft and hard contact lenses?
  13. Does insurance cover the cost of LASIK surgery?
  14. What kind of sunglasses do pilots wear?
  15. What is the best way to clean eyeglasses?
  16. Will I have to wear glasses forever?
  17. How long to get used to contact lenses?
  18. When can children wear contacts?
  19. Bad for eyes to watch TV in dark?
  20. How to get rid of red eyes
  21. What causes eye twitching?
  22. How can I reduce eye strain?
  23. Is pool chlorine bad for your eyes?
  24. How close should I sit to my computer screen?
  25. Bad for Eyes to Use Computer in Dark?
  26. What are good eye exercises?
  27. What are dry eye remedies?
  28. What food is best for my eyes?
  29. What is the difference between different brands of contact lenses?
  30. What Determines Eye Color?
  31. What are the best contacts for an athlete that sweats a lot?
  32. My Contacts Make My Eyes Pink and Crusty. Why Does This Happen?
  33. I ran out of contact lens solution- can I use water instead?
  34. How Old Must I Be to Start Wearing Contact Lenses?
  35. How Do I Wear 3D Glasses if I Wear Eyeglasses?
  36. If you flip your contacts the other way will they work differently?
  37. Is it ok to drive at night with my daily contacts that I have worn more than 7 hours?
  38. What is the difference between 1-day, 2 weeks, monthly quarterly, or annual replacement lenses?
  39. My contact lens fell in a pool; can I still wear the lens if the pool has chlorine?
  40. Am I legally blind?
  41. What is LASIK surgery?
  42. What is the success rate of LASIK surgery?
  43. What type of anesthesia is used for LASIK surgery?
  44. What conditions of the eye can be corrected with LASIK surgery?
  45. What can I expect during my LASIK evaluation?
  46. Is there any pain during LASIK surgery?
  47. How soon can LASIK patients return to their normal activities?
  48. How Long Will My LASIK Results Last?
  49. How is LASIK Surgery Performed?
  50. How Do I Schedule a LASIK Evaluation?
  51. Does LASIK Have Any Negative Side Effects?
  52. Am I a Candidate for LASIK Surgery?
  53. How often should I get my eyes checked?
  54. What is the harm in extending the life of my contact lens?
  55. How can I help prevent from getting cataracts? Are there things I can do or foods that I can eat to help prevent cataracts?
  56. What is a lazy eye? How do I know if my child has it?
  57. I Don’t Think I have any Problems with my Eyes. Should I still get them Checked?
  58. Why do I need to pay a fee for contact lens evaluation every year in addition to the standard eye exam fee
  59. Why is the contact lens prescription different than the glasses, aren’t they the same?
  60. How do you read this eye glasses and contacts prescriptions?
  61. Do I have astigmatism?
  62. When will my eyes stop changing?
  63. Can I do laser eye surgery?
  64. Am I color blind? If I am what happens?
  65. Every time I go to the doctor, they always puff this air into my eyes, what is it?
  66. My doctor told me I have cataracts. When can I get surgery?
  67. Why has my vision gotten worse since my last visit?
  68. What is the difference between different brands of contact lenses?
  69. How about different solutions?
  70. Is laser eye surgery going to cure my eyes forever?
  71. What are the common eye diseases that I should watch out for?
  72. Why do people need reading glasses? Are there people that don’t need reading glasses as they get older?
  73. How young can a child get his/her eyes tested?
  74. How do I Effectively Apply Eye Drops?
  75. Why Does my Prescription Expire? My Vision has not Changed!
  76. What is Eye Perception?

The virtual world is a fascinating place. There is unlimited information to explore and infinite spaces to fill. This is a place about the eyes with a vision on creating a fun environment to learn about them. You are welcome to fill your knowledge and we will provide ours.

Together we can help people to understand our eyes better.




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